miércoles, 20 de abril de 2011


Group picture at the Valponasca
Yes!  For many, it is a small, insignificant window! But for Maria it all began with that windowher journey into spirituality, a deep spirituality of ‘action and contemplation’ that would become the basis for thousands of FMA’s and the young, the world over.

Sisters at the well

She was just a teenager then, and like any other teenager of our time who use the SMS and internet chat to keep in touch with friends, Maria used a unique, creative and most practical meansthe only window facing in the direction of the parish where her first love, Jesus, residedto keep in touch with him.
Unlike many teenagers of our time, she wasn’t selfish, possessive or insecure about her love. She brought in other children to meet her beloved, and when her family discovered it, they very wisely joined in and had their family prayers there.

View from the window
of the Sisters in prayer

Isn’t it an example for our families today in raising their children? In a world where children are emotionally distant from their parents, living without a sense of God, and where families are breaking up for no rhyme or reason, the window of Valponasca has a message or two.
  • We need to create and point out the window of spirituality for children in our families.
  • We need to keep our appointment with God in prayer as a family.
  •  We need to be supportive and wise in involving ourselves in the goodness of our children.
May the spirituality of the window of Valponasca help keep our families happy and united!

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