viernes, 8 de abril de 2011

Journey to Chieri - Land of uncertainty and doubts in the life of Don Bosco

We were wonderstruck as we visited the different places where Don Bosco lived and worked.  We had the good fortune of visiting the Seminary, the place where he had the vision of Comollo.
We marvelled at the way Don Bosco lived his life of poverty, of uncertainty and doubts.  When all doors seemed closed for him, he held on to the God of hope he so dearly loved.  He desperately sought financial and spiritual help and the God of hope didn't fail him.   He found kind and wise people on his way.

We remembered the thousands of young people with dreams - living lives of uncertainty due to poverty and family situations having no guides to help them.  Our call as spiritual guides and Salesian educators to the young was rekindled in these holy places.

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