jueves, 7 de abril de 2011

On a Journey to Meet our Dear Father and Founder

It was a long and exciting journey from Rome to Turin!  Our hearts throbbed with joy and gratitude as we set foot in Valdocco.  At the sight of the dome of the famous basilica of Mary Help of Christians, we spontaneously burst forth in melodious voices singing, "Maria Ausiliatrice, ora pro nobis!"

Our visit to Becchi-the birth place of Don Bosco-helped us to see for ourselves how God fulfills his dreams through simple and humble people.  we were awestruck at the poverty and simplicity of life of the family of Don Bosco.  The influence of Mamma Margaret on Johnny made us further admire and love this simple and god-filled woman.  The pearls of wisdom she transmitted to him brought out a Saint in him.  May we have many more mothers of her caliber!  We raised up in prayer all single mothers who, even today, go through the pains and fatigues of bringing up their family with dignity like Mama Margaret did.

Thank you, God, for choosing Don Bosco and for choosing each of us to further his charism!

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