martes, 19 de abril de 2011

From the Window to the World!

Distance is meaningless when minds are focused on the young and hearts are joined in one spirit. 

The Sisters taking part in Project Mornese, representing all the continents of the world, and thus, the entire Institute, offer a blessing for each nation, each province, and each sister, through the open window of the Valponasca!

Open Windows

Spirit of God
you seem to speak to us through open windows.

The early Summer sun seems to knock on the windows of our rooms
calling us to open up to warmth
to light
to the sounds and smells of a world renewed.

You, too, are knocking at the windows of our lives
You call us to open the windows of our hearts
to the warmth of your love
which brings us new life,
a the Summer sun to the world around us.

You call us to open the windows of our minds
to your light which leads us out into uncharted ways
and bids us go forward without fear
for you are ever with us.

You call us to open the windows of our ears
to "the music of what is"
to the beauty of life
to the sufferings of life
to the callls of those who need our help
to find you in their lives today.

You can us to open the windows of our senses
to the perfume of your beauty
in all that is positive in our world
in all that builds us life
in all that reaches out in care for others.

Come into our lives today.
Dissolve our fear of opening up.
Overcome our resistance that we, too, may be recreated in You!

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