jueves, 28 de abril de 2011

From the End to a New Beginning

Project Mornese has come to an end...or a beginning...depending on one's perspective. With this in mind, this last blog is written by all the participants...the hopes, dreams, and desires of those who have come to the well, have found refreshment, and are ready to share it with the world!

INS: We have seen, touched, experienced, and have grown!

AFM: As we approach each Sister, we are standing on Holy Ground; we need to have an attitude of prayer, attentive listening, and acceptance.

SUA: We are filled with gratitude to our province and to our communities for the sacrifices made so we could be here, and we are eager and ready to share this journey with each Sister in our province.

AFE: It was a very enriching experience that has made me feel renewed and ready to go back to my community, to serve them better, especially through my own example, accompanying each one as an individual, allowing them to accompany me, and journey together as a community in commitment to our call to serve the young with love.

INK: Joyous accompaniment!

INM: Accompaniment with patient love and trust!

IRL: With great reverence for the individuality of each one, Mary Mazzarello led the Sisters along the road of Love, inviting and encouraging them to follow Jesus with courage and joy.

SUO: Our experience of Project Mornese helped us deepen our understanding of Mary Domenica's simple yet profound spirituality, the key to fostering mutual accompaniment, making each of our house, "the house of the love of God."

GBR: We appreciate having had this opportunity to get to know Mother Mazzarello at a deeper level, and look forward to sharing this with the Sisters.

ING: We have heard, we have seen, we have touched and experienced the origins of our Institute. Now filled with gratitude for the marvels the Lord worked in our lives, we return back to our beloved province and recommit ourselves to accompany our Sisters and the young in our mission with great dedication in the spirit of our Founders.

CINA: To be an animator one needs a great deal of faith, humility, and above all Love!

AES: Project Mornese has been a source of strength and light for me and will be so for my community.

INB: Deeper understanding of the context, the person, and the spirituality of Don Bosco, St. Francis de Sales, and especially of Mother Mazzarello have helped us feel like we have re-lived her days.


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