lunes, 18 de abril de 2011

Finally Mornese

After beautiful and wonderful experiences in Rome, Turin and Annecy, we finally reached Mornese!

As we drove through the country side and approached Mornese, we knew that Main was present and waiting for us here.  We want to deepen her spirituality so that we can accompany our sisters in community as she did in the first community.

We began Holy Week with the celebration of Palm Sunday.  Part of the group went  to the Parish church to celebrate with the people of Mornese while the rest stayed and celebrated in the chapel at the Collegio.  As is the custom here in Mornese, we processed in carrying olive branches instead of the typical palms.  When you think about it, if Jesus rode into Mornese on the donkey, they would have waved olive branches instead of palms.  Thus, we welcomed the King of Peace with the symbol of peace

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