miércoles, 13 de abril de 2011

How Great Thou Art!

The beauty of Annecy causes the heart and soul to sing out in praise!

O Lord, I stand in awe before your marvellous creation.
I enjoy the wonderful beauty and harmony in nature.

The flowers--how beautifully you have designed them,
each with a unique size, color, and texture.
Each one, however tiny it may be, spreads harmony and beautifies its surroundings,
fulfilling the purpose of praising its Creator!
How thoughtfully you have designed them, O Lord, which are here today, and are gone tomorrow!

As I admire your wonderful creation,
I cannot but thank you, my Lord,
for I know that I am much more beautiful and precious to you than all the beautiful flowers put together.

You have planned and designed me carefully, with immense love, from all eternity.
All that you desire is that "I be my best."

O Lord, my creator,
may my presence beautify this world of ours.
May I live in harmony with creation,
and always fulfill the purpose for which you so thoughtfully created me, my Lord,
to be happy, and to praise you, in this life and in eternity.
O Lord, our Lord, how great thou art!

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