jueves, 12 de septiembre de 2013

10th of September

The Valdocco experience began with a power point presentation of the whole campus. The Morning Prayer was outdoors and took in significant places in Don Bosco’s life at the beginning of the oratory. We walked reverently through the portico of Casa Maria Ausiliatrice , stood in prayer around the statue of Don Bosco in the courtyard, prayed in the Pinardi Chapel and shared a loaf of fresh bread at the pump where Don Bosco and his boys had breakfast. We concluded our reflection in Don Bosco’s rooms. At midday we had the joy of having the Eucharist in the camerette of Don Bosco. Two SDB’s were present, Fr. Joy Matthews, our chaplain, and Fr. Michael Casey, the provincial of Ireland.
In the afternoon we walked to the church of the Consolata where we prayed at the beautiful icon of the Madonna, so dear to Don Bosco. It was at this church he went to say Mass after his mother passed away. He went early in the morning to ask Our Lady to be his mother from now on and that of his boys as well.
In the visit of the church of St. Francis of Assisi we saw the sacristy where Don Bosco met Bartholomew Garelli and where Don Bosco began his mission. Outside the Sacristy we stepped on the playground where our founder entertained his boys. It is so small our group of 38 could barely fit in. It is still surrounded by apartments. No wonder the people complained, and still Don Bosco kept trying and believed in God and his dream.

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