martes, 17 de septiembre de 2013

Visit to the Parish Church – September 16, 2013

Our Project Mornese group had an enriching afternoon visiting the Parish Church where Maria Mazzarello grew up.  The Church is about 400 years old.  We had the opportunity to listen so some very informative explanations about when and where Maria Domenica was baptized.  Sister Maura and Sister Edna Mary give us some highlights and insights into our Saints life that both intrigue us and give us opportunity for reflection.

We were able to see the Baptismal Font and even view the register where Maria Mazzarello’s name is inscribed, a rare thing to see.

We participated in a meaningful prayer service and renewed our baptismal promises.  Each one of us was able to go to pray at the font, bless ourselves with the holy water, while the FMA’s prayed for us.  This was very meaningful. We could visualize our own Maria Domenica being present among us.

We came away renewed and refreshed.  We thank God for the gift of faith, our parents, godparents and our congregation, for giving us so many blessings.  We pray to continue to live our faith and witness to it joyfully.

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