jueves, 26 de septiembre de 2013

Tuesday 24th September, Forgiveness

This morning we had a very inspiring talk on Maria Domenica's style of animation and formation. She expected every member of the community to be responsible for her own growth and that of the community, empowering them to reach their own potential. She had prudence and a sense of judgment which was rarely found in those days. She showed warmth and concern for the sisters. In her letters to them she usually ended up by telling them "I am ready to do anything for your good." However she was also able to be more challenging when the situation require it and she was never afraid of being challenged by those whom she led. She actively encouraged the contribution of all in order to arrive at the best thinking in the community. Maria Dominica was quite capable of expressing her opinion respectfully and when she did not agree with a decision that was being taken she was not afraid to seek the advice of the sisters. However she tended to keep problems in proportion and when writing to authority figures in the name of the community she was not afraid to seek the advice of the sisters.

During the course of the morning we were able to return to the Valponasca in glorious sunshine. Fr. Joy provided a beautiful reconciliation service after which each one was anointed with the Oil of Nard . This was followed by a beautiful outdoor celebration of the Mass at the statue of Mary Help of Christians. The celebration was led by the the Province of the South Pacific Region in true national style. Father reminded us we were standing on holy ground in Mornese and that this experience never dies. He urged us above all to be rooted in the love of God and in the particular ministry to which we are called.
In the afternoon we had a lovely Salesian diversion to our day in that the 5th class pupils from a school in Agnelli Turin came to visit the Valponasca They were very interested in the International nature of our group and there was a lovely mingling of cultures with  different greetings and songs. They too wanted to experience the Valponasca Window and had their photograph taken.

At the evening recreation we were very privileged to share their culture by means of a CD presentation and this sharing was very enriching. 

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