lunes, 23 de septiembre de 2013


We began our day by reflecting on the first community of Mornese, where we drew inspiration for the day. The presentation was given by Sr. Maire. It was like the inner journey of returning home to find once more our true selves, as FMA. The early Sisters were very different from each other, each one having a particular talent, and coming from diverse backgrounds. Yet, they worked together to make community and to create a home where one felt it was truly “the house of the love of God.” Mother Mazzarello tried to understand each sister; for each person matters and must be respected. 
Fr. Joy Mathew celebrated the lovely mass prepared by our Irish Sisters and gave us a reflection on the theme of the day, Pilgrim Road.  In the afternoon  we went to the Roverno River where we celebrated the joy of being together. We walked in the footsteps of our first Sisters  and recalled with emotion the many times Maria and the sisters walked to and from this river with their laundry. The walk was long but it  turned into a celebration at the Roverno, and became  a moment of  community encounter.

There were 10 of us who stayed back at the Collegio.  Thanks to Sr. Maire, we too had our prayer service by the well. It was simple and deep in meaning.  We let the water drawn from the well, also symbolically wash our souls from sin and pettiness as we asked for the Father’s forgiveness.  We then went down stairs for a snack and fellowship.
 After the long walk, a relaxed recreation with an Irish sing song was welcomed. The Good Night spoke of the Prayer Ministry in the Irish province especially with the Retreats and Prayer Guidance.  It was certainly a choral community as we  all sang in tune.

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