jueves, 12 de septiembre de 2013

8th September  Our Lady’s Birthday

The day dawned with lots of joy in our hearts, for it is the birthday of our Blessed Mother and also the birthday of Sr. Maria Concepcion Ocaro and Sr. Maria Miyazawa Naoko. We gathered in the conference hall at 8 am for Prayer and Orientation where we prayed for the sisters who celebrated their birthday and feast days. We were inspired by the power point on the places of Chieri where Don Bosco studied at High School and the Seminary. He had many difficulties to overcome. We visited our house of St. Teresa in Chieri, where mother Mazzarello’s sister, Felicita, had been the superior. When Don Bosco was asked to send some sisters to help, he said, “I have no sisters but I will send the Mother.” and he gave a statue of Our Lady. We had the joy of seeing that statue. After some years the sisters went there. We walked to the church of Our Lady of Grace where Mother Morano and the grand parents of Don Bosco were baptized. When Don Bosco was discerning his vocation, he would frequent the church of St. Philip Neri and make a novena to Our Lady to guide him. As a seminarian he attended Mass daily and would skip his breakfast. Comollo, one of his friends from the seminary days, is buried in this church. All these places talked to us about the importance of facing bravely the difficulties of life and putting our full trust in the Lord.

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