viernes, 27 de septiembre de 2013

27th Sept. Nizza Monferrato

The Project Mornese group concluded their experience with a visit to Nizza.  Our convent is a 17 century building. After the suppression of the Franciscans it was used as a winery. Don Bosco bought it for the FMA in 1789 and the Sisters transferred from Mornese to Nizza.  It was a great sacrifice for Maria Mazzzarello and the sisters to leave Mornese. Leaving her beloved village and setting up in Nizza had it own hardships.  It was indeed a difficult period in the life of Mother Mazzarello. Yet, in this detachment there were seeds of new growth for the Institute.  Maria Mazzarello lived here for only two years until her death in 1881.

It was here that don Bosco saw Our Lady walking in the house. His secretary tried to interpret for him, but Don Bosco insisted, “Our Lady is walking in this house and is covering it with her mantle.”
We prayed in the room where Mother she died, and renewed our commitment to the Lord.
Fr. Joy celebrated Mass for us and the community prepared a splendid lunch. 
In the museum we saw artifacts of Maria Mazzarello, objects used by Don Bosco, Don Cagliero,  and Don Costamagna. 

In the afternoon we went to visit the elderly Sisters at St. Joseph’s where they are lovingly cared for by the community.   Some of the Sisters are in their 80’s and 90’s and are still alert and give a contribution to the community.  In fact, they do adoration every day for the Sisters in the whole world.   
Our last visit was to the cemetery where hundreds of our sisters are buried. We prayed at the tomb of Mother Ersilia Canta, and Mother Marinella who was the inspirer of Project Mornese. What a wonderful legacy she left us!   

Project Mornese was a wonderful experience of joy, faith and fellowship. Thanks to the congregation for this special gift to us all, and to our provinces.   
We thank Fr. Joy, our faithful chaplain, and our 3 animators: Sr. Edna Mary Mc Donald, Sr. Maire O’Byrne, and Sr. Teresa Jojo.  They lived the message of Mother Mazzarello and that spoke volumes. We all return renewed and determined to imitate Main in our everyday lives.

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