sábado, 21 de septiembre de 2013

September 20, visit to the cemetery

The morning prayer focused on the theme of friendship. This friendship between Maria and Petronilla was a great strength for both, as they discerned together  what the Lord was asking of them.  In the sacred space a beautiful  Indian saree  was folded in the shape of a flower and placed close to the fire symbolizing  the bond of friendship among the two friends, coming together in the heart of Jesus.
In the Eucharist, Fr.Joy reminded us that  just as the Spirit was active in the lives of people in the early church, that  same spirit is  guiding our congregation and is still strong.   We find our charism at work  in many parts of the world.
In her presentation,  Sr.Teresa Jojo the animator, explained how

Maria and Petronilla were doing the same work for girls as Don Bosco was doing for his boys in Valdocco, and yet Maria had no guidance for such a mission. It all came naturally to her as her goal was always to help young girls to love God and have a good education.  We FMA are proud of our humble origins. Having visited the house of Immacolata we have a better understanding of the  struggles and difficulties Maia
went through.

The group visited the cemetery to  pay homage to our sisters who gave their heroic service to the congregation. We offered a rosary  for them and for the people in the life of St. Mary Mazzarello.
The province of INS  organized the recreation and the good night.  They showed a power point of the  work they do for the villages outlining in particular their program about the  Income Generating Activities.  A program that helps poor people run small businesses

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