lunes, 9 de septiembre de 2013

walking to Becchi

On Saturday 7th of September, we as a group assembled together for prayer and Sr. Edna Mary presented an inspiring power point on the young, tough life of John Bosco and his family. His was a life of hardship which he endured with courage and strength through the faith and support of his mother, Mama Margret. This was followed by a visit to Becchi which compounded for us what Edna Mary had shown us in her power point production. Several monuments of Don Bosco, his work and mission were to be seen at Colle Don Bosco. This was a place of remembrance and holy ground. We saw the humble house where he lived; his brother ‘s house where Don Bosco brought his boys on the feast of the Holy Rosary, and the little chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary where his step brother Anthony’ house was. It was a great pleasure to have Mass there as a group. The Temple of Don Bosco was a most impressive and inspiring building built by the Salesians in thanksgiving for Don Bosco’s protection during the war. The lower chapel had many paintings connected with Salesian works and Saints. The Upper church is built like an ark, and above the high altar is a large statue of the Risen Lord which marks the centrality of Christ in the life and works of Don Bosco. The crypt behind the high altar marks the place of Don Bosco’ birth. On our return home after being treated royally at the Mamma Margaret Restaurant we stopped at the church in Murialdo where Don Colosso was pastor, and where John Bosco had his studies. Dominic Savio was born there also but later moved to Mondovio where he died. It was certainly a day that challenged us as Salesians, but encouraged and enriched our vocation.

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