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Educating Community 23 Sept

In Sr. Edna Mary’s talk she focused on Maria Mazzarello’s love for young people which  was something embedded in her from her teenage years.  It was this love for youth that encompassed her entire life.  Her spirituality was a spirituality of the every day.  In her letters to the Sisters she wrote , “let the children laugh, jump and sing.”  Hers was a wholistic approach centering on the person. She had groups of girls and young women of varying ages and social backgrounds, and yet she never wavered.

 Today, young people are searching for a deeper meaning in life.  The fact that they are able to name the quest is encouraging.  Maria saw the social needs of the time and she responded to them. Like her, we should empower the youth to make strong convictions about their contribution to society and the church.

The Rochetta.
We visited the Rochetta Shrine, of  Our Lady of Graces, high up on the mountains. Maria Mazzarello used to go with the Sisters and girls on Pilgrim picnic.  It was here she made the dress for the poor girl they  met on the road, and sent her home well dressed in neat attire. The Shrine was built by a noble couple who were praying for a child. Our Lady answered their prayer and they had twins.   They kept their promise and built the shrine.   

The Liturgy was beautifully animated by the INB province of Mumbai.  At the penitential rite we were presented with homemade  flower and asked to exchange it as a sign of peace and forgiveness. It was a very meaningful gesture.   At the Good Night  the Sisters spoke about the new venture the province are involved in with the SDB for the most poor and marginalized.  Our educating communities are  alive and strong, we see the need and we are not afraid to take risks.

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