viernes, 27 de septiembre de 2013

26th Sept. Desert Day

Our Desert day began with a meditation and reflection by Sister Edna Mary, on the meaning of being focused on essentials. During this past month, we have been immersed in a spirituality of our FMA heritage and have absorbed so much. Today was the time to stop and refocus, and get our priorities in order, evaluate our journey and make a viable plan for our coming journey.

Everyone chose a place to make their desert day come to life. Some chose the Mazzarelli’s, others the parish church, some chose a particular spot at the Collegio, the chapel, the beautiful grounds and others to return to the Roccetta chapel surroundings to meditate and experience God’s nature.

The day soon ended as everyone gathered for an eventful sharing on the evaluation of this third stage of our Project Mornese. It proved to be such a convergence of minds and hearts as every FMA shared their grateful thanks in a variety of ways. We have seen so much, taken in a lot of information and have truly had a beautiful, hands-on experience of faith and love lived in charity. Mary Domenica has come alive before our very eyes. Our gratitude goes to God, our Mother General, Sister Maria Americo, Sister Beatriz, our Sisters back home, who are carrying out our duties, our families and friends, our Project Mornese animators, Chaplain and Sisters of the Community have all contributed into making this an enriching, faith filled experience. We, in turn, pray and offer for we realize it’s our responsibility to pass on the good and share the wealth we have acquired! We all have a desire to go deeper in our search for God.

Soon after that, we all gathered once more to celebrate Eucharist, with Father Joy animating this Liturgy. It was a beautiful Mass, incorporating technology at its finest, with video clips, simple and deep in meaning. We have been blest to have him as our chaplain throughout this month of our Project Mornese. He has truly been a brother among his sisters.

Our day concluded with a beautiful rendition of Gratitude to our animators and Father Joy for the tremendous work, organization and their personal preparation to make this project such a spiritual success, We presented a video of Prayer with music and pictures, sang, had words of thanks, and more rendition of thank you from our hearts. Mother Mazzarello was definitely smiling on her daughters!

Finally as part of our Good Night, Father Joy shared a video clip on a sung/prayed rendition of the Prayer of St. Francis. We ended on a beautiful note of peace and harmony.

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