martes, 17 de septiembre de 2013

September 15, Sunday

Sept 15, 2013 is our 5th day in the Collegio, Mornese. It's a Sunday and a free schedule for us. It was a lovely day the Lord poured upon us His blessings. He blessed us with rain that brought  cool breezes to  Mornese.

We're so happy with the schedule because we can dedicate more time for personal needs as well as more time for prayer and  to be alone with our dear Mother Mazzarello.

The invitation to mass at the parish church of San Silvestre where Mother Mazzarello was baptized, prayed and attended mass everyday was something special.  We were welcomed by the parishioners. At 5:30 we had our group mass. The mass was animated by the Indian, Calcuta province. A ritual of welcome was given. Each participant was given a tiny scarf which they wore  on their shoulder, and each one  received a mark (powdered mixed with water) on each one's forehead.  These were signs of joy, of welcome and celebration of  the gathering as one family of God.

At around 8:30 pm the group also presented a power point of their province showing the different works done in Calcutta.

I'm really grateful to the Lord for having been called to this Institute. The charism, the spirit of

Mornese is so alive and dynamic and continues to move on in the hearts' of each FMA.

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