viernes, 20 de septiembre de 2013

19th September 2013

As I arise at dawn,

I look out of my window 

And gaze at the smiling orange sun

Sitting reverently behind  the Mornese hills

inviting me  to adore its creator.

  Sr. Moire the Animator, spoke about the spiritual friendship of Mary and Petronilla, and  

how they complimented and helped each other towards  their goal of doing everything purely for the love of God.  Their friendship  was of a  spiritual nature as  Jesus was the center of their lives. Petronilla played a vital role in Mary’s life; without her Mary could not have achieved as much.

 In the afternoon we prayed the rosary in the village of Mornese at the various places of interest where  Mary and Petronilla met, prayed, worked, and mapped out their future mission together. The reflections were taken from the letters of Mother Mazzarello and from her life we were inspired by her  simple faith, determination and passion for Jesus and the young. 

We watched the movie on the life of Main where it portrayed a modern woman, full of courage, insight, strong faith, and open to the needs of the modern world. It made us proud to be FMA.
The INC province animated the meaningful Eucharist, recreation and good night , presenting the activities the province has undertaken. It highlighted the work of the special classes for the blind.    

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