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A Day for Mother Mary

The bright sunrays peep into our rooms and we woke up with high spirit to make the maximum use of the last days of our project Mornese 2012. 

Mass in the Chapel of Mary Help of Christians at the Collegio
The morning prayer was at 7.30 on “Mary , Mother and Inspiration” by Sr. Maire O’Byrne our animator, which filled our eyes with tears and  our hearts with pride and our thoughts with hope, for we know that she will continue to accompany us  and our recipients in the days to come.

The Angelus set the right tone the day by contemplating the foreseeing love of God to begin the day. We see Mary as an outstanding  woman who mirrored this love in  her everyday relating with others. The refrain of the morning prayer “Guide us on the journey, show to us the way, Be our home of resting, comfort when we stray , Guide us with your wisdom  and your blessing share” is a good package for our life and mission as we prepare to leave Mornese to our communities.

In the morning session Sr. Maire O’Byrne  presented “Mary in the life and teaching of Mother Mazzarello’s  life” shows  that Mary’s name is very  much connected to  Mother Mazzarello and her family. The members of her family including she , were  named after Our Blessed Mother Mary. She lived in the shadow of the church of Mary Help of Christians. When the dogma of Immaculate Conception was   proclaimed as a dogma of faith ,  Fr. Pesterino infused devotion in his parishners  in Immaculate Conception.  Mary Mazzarello became an ardent follower and later she joined the ‘Pious Union of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate.  When she was stricken with typhoid in 1861 the image of Auxilium Christianorum was her refuge . It is thought that she contracted typhoid on 15th Aug., the day of Our Blessed Mother and she recovered from it also on 7th Oct., the day dedicated to her.

As superior of the Institute she told the sisters that Mary is the real  Superior of the house and  she left the keys of the house at the feet of Our Lady. She conducted recreation and held good night at the grotto of May. She led pilgrimages to Gavi,  Lerma, Rochetta etc. the shrines of  Our Lady. Her letters her conversations  and recommendations have Mary as her theme. Her suggestions to prepare for the feasts of Our Lady also exhorts that she is a real devotee of  Mother Mary.

St. Mary Dominica’s discipleship, her commitment, Spirit of renewal, Christ centeredness, Asceticism, Interconnectedness, her wholeness in the practice of the vows, everyday effort to become better and holy, her awareness of the presence of Mary in the daily living of the Institute , the missionary ardour  preparation  of sisters and sending them in the first and second missionary  expedition were highlighted. For the expedition she sent  her greetings to the sisters.

The  spirit of Mother Mazzarello  today invites us to launch  into the deep.
Shortly after the class Sr. Godaluppe  highlighted  the miracles by the Servant of God Sr. Maria Romero at Costa Rica. The origin of the miraculous water and the miraculous cure of the crippled boy . She distributed water and oil from  Costa Rica.

After a short break we had Holy Mass animated meaningfully by  the sisters of Timore  ESTE Province. The entrance dance was of the culture of Timore in which all took part holding  the names of the first missionaries and pioneers  to various nations.T he Statue of Our Lady , the lighted candles, Globe, walking stick And a pair of shoes, water, wine  etc were offered with a touching commentary. The celebrant Fr. Maria Arul Anthuvan Tharsis  Sdb commented on the critical life sitations of Our Lady, St. Mary Mazzasrello and Servant of God Mother Tresa of Kolkatta.

A scene in the new Maria Mazzarello film
After lunch sisters dispersed for their own personal work. At 3.00 p.m. Sr. Marie, Sr. Edna, Sr.  Rani and Fr. Andhuvan led us to the cemetery at Mornese. Sr. Marie showed us the tomb of our sisters and the small chapel belongs to the FMA. We visited other tombs, began the Rosary but due to the sporadic rain came back saying the Rosary in groups.

After Supper we had the recent film on Mary Mazzarello named ‘Main’ .We thanked  God for the good day and dispersed.

by Sr. Anne  Augustine INK Province, India 

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