lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2012


The three Animators and Fr Anthuvan

My dear Sr. Edna,

Sr. Edna, you are a wonderful Enthusiasm
An unfathomed fountain of knowledge
 And the seat of salesian virtues
They flow and flow unceasingly
The gentleness of Morenese is your own
The spirit of hard work is your capital
Joy and cheerfulness in good measure
To lead us all onward and double M.M.
Determination as your keyword
You spend yourself lavishly for a cause
Without giving ear to evil tongue
Setting an example on this mountain
To tell the whole world in unison
”This is the house of the love of God”

Much love and deep gratitude,
Sr. Anne Augustine, INK, Bangalore, India.

My dear Sr. Maire,

The historian has come alive
In the person of Sr. Maire
You have the “pass word” of Mornesian history
It is like” the ghost we evoked”
You have “saved” the map of Mornese
The little stick and the little feet
Trotted along the labyrinthine ways
To “enter ”consternation in us
You "corrected and edited” our fore knowledge
Inserted a lot and deleted none
You impersonate patience of M.M.
“Enter” sufficient humour in everything
“Cut and pasted” courage and hard work in us
Printed in bold Madona and Holy Eucharist
“Add the contact" is renewed
Nothing in the "spam"
Everything is "send" to us.

With much love and deep  gratitude
Sr. Anne Augustine,INK, Bangalore,India.

My dear Sr. Josephine,

The Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed
Growing and let growing
There are two yellow leaves and one green leaf
Mother Mazzarello is in  your life and dream
Giving her in enthusiasm is your stream
You make M.M. familiar and known
No stone is unturned in your sojourn
May you be obsessed by her
And make your home “a house of the love of God”

With much love and deep gratitude,
Sr. Anne Augustine, INK, Bangalore, India.

Dear Rev. Fr. Anthuvan,

The Lord and the Master of the blessing
Called you to be  always a blessing
To those who desperately seek a blessing
You are chosen and given to us as a blessing.

He is wise and just in His calling
To enable you to listen to the daily calling
The youth in and around is calling
To be an answer to their calling

May you be blessed for answering our call
May you be sensitive to every call
To justify all that He asks of you by His call
May you be found prepared and worthy to answer the final call.

With deep gratitude,
 Sr. Anne Augustine, INK, Bangalore, India.

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