viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2012

A Token of Gratitude to Our Animators

My dear Sr. Edna Mary, Sr. Maire O’Byrne and Sr. Josephine Rani,

With great pleasure, joy and love we have been waiting to thank you. We highly esteem and much appreciate your marvelous communication skills, amazing sisterliness and wonderful Silesian spirituality. In short your life is a feast to our eyes. We entrust ourselves and our mission to your prayers, while requesting the same for us.

The whole group around THE well

My dear Sisters,

As we walked towards the source of our origin
Thinking sanctity a frightening mountain
Ha! We found the glorious holy fountain
In the simple and humble land where it all begin.

The window has been the spring board,
And the well has been the footboard,
And for the chosen, it is a notice board
Thus you joyously , humbly serve as signboard.

The window infuses self-confidence to peer out,
And with audacity and faith to say out,
“Do  whatever He tells you”, to  shout out,
Mary and Rosary our devotion you cry out.

The window widens your horizon
You become sensitive to listen
To the end of the world you hasten
The loving Father’s kingdom to widen.

The well promotes this determination
With joy and cheerfulness to the destination
With humility and courage, a good combination
To free the world from condemnation.

The window and the well are one
To blend the divine  and the human into one
East or west, North or South we are one
To make known  the  Holy One.

For this, Dear Mother Mazzarello ,you live
In these zealous and  patient hearts you live
In these untiring and loving service you live
Dear sisters,  you are the living Mazzarello.

With much love and deep gratitude,
Sr. Anne Augustine, INK, Bangalore, India.

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