viernes, 14 de septiembre de 2012

Exultation of the Cross

Prayer around the cross

On the 14th Day of the month we celebrated the solemnity of the Holy Cross. At the morning hours of the day we gathered in the chapel of Mary Mazzarello for the Morning Prayer. With great devotion we sat around the wood of the Cross and reflected on Maria Mazzarello’s devotion to the crucified Lord. Seven sisters read from the letters of M. Mazzarello where she has written to her sisters on the need to cling to Jesus Crucified in the face of difficulties and struggles. As the prayer ended each sister placed her own Cross at the feet of Jesus in a symbolic gesture with the determination to belong to the Lord all through the Day. It was an experiential moment of prayer led by Rev. Sr. Edna Mary.

At 9.30 am Sr. Edna Mary enlightened us through a PowerPoint presentation the topic 'Significant persons in the life of Mother Mazzarello''. Among others the two important people are Don Bosco and Rev. Fr. G. Frassinetti. Though she did not copy what these two great people wrote and taught, her writings, especially her letters are coloured by it. In all her 68 letters which are available to us she clearly expressed her individuality; for example in Letter 35 she writes: ''freely do all that charity requires''.
The original altar of the Chapel in the Collegio
where Maria Domenica and the first Salesian Sisters
made their vows

At 11.30 am we had the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. During the homily the celebrant stressed that among the difficulties and problems we should always remain cheerful. In the evening once again in the company of our saintly foundress in her own room we gathered around the Crucified Lord. In the stillness of our being we contemplated the immense Love of Jesus for each of us and received from him our own cross and the strength to remain faithful to HIM forever. 

by Sr. Rosily T

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