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Visit to Nizza

This morning had a different beginning for us as we started with breakfast at 7:3o am. As this was our last day of Project Mornese and we were going to spend it in Nizza Monferrato . The bus had arrived from Rome and we were on our way at 8:15 through the winding hills of Mornese and on to Lerma and Ovada.

Nizza - Old Monastery and Chapel (Our Lady of Graces) bought by Don Bosco
On the way we prayed a very reflective morning prayer entitled “Seeds of New Life” as our theme for today is “Letting G ” after the example of St. Mary Mazzarello.

Sr. Máire told us about Nizza and the great sacrifice it was for St. Mary Mazzarello to move away from her beloved Mornese after spending 42 years of her 44 years there. Don Bosco had bought Nizza as he had seen the need to move the Mother House from Mornese for the following reasons if the young Institute was to survive and flourish:
  1. 1Mornese was isolated and difficult to reach.
  2. 2 Air was strong , young Sisters were dying.
  3. 3 Nizza was near Turin and more central for a Mother house.

Maria Mazzarello's room
In February 1879 the Mother house was transferred to Nizza and remained there until 1929.
It was from here that Sr. Mary Mazzarello wrote a lot of her letters. From here Sisters were moving further afield. Her own Sister left for Sicily.

Sr. Mary Mazzarello went with the third group of Missionaries to Marseilles. While in France, she visited the Sisters in St. Syr.

Sr. Mary Mazzarello health was failing and she developed pleurisy. She had three wishes and God granted all her wishes.
1.    Sr. Mary Mazzarello lived to celebrate her birthday on May 9th.
2.    Fr. Cagliero returned from America and she was able to speak to him.
3.    She died on a Saturday, which was also the anniversary of Don Pesterino.

Chapel of Our Lady Help of Christians at Nizza
At last we crossed the river Bilbo and soon the bus was speeding up the long avenue to the house. Beautiful Lime trees are growing on both sides of the avenue to the house.
The Sisters were waiting and gave us a very warm welcome. We were treated to a welcome morning snack.

Afterwards we were invited to take a tour of this special house.  We began in the Chapel which goes back to the fifteen hundreds.

This was the chapel Mother Mazzarello, Sisters and girls prayed in. Each year the local people come here on the 23rd and 24th of May to honor Mary Help of Christians and they call the house “La Madonna”.  We had Mass here at 11:30.

Welcome to lunch at Nizza
Next we climbed the stone stairs that St. Mary Mazzarello often climbed and visited her bed room. This was a very special moment for all of us as we were very aware we were standing on holy ground. Here we had a special moment of prayer and we renewed our Vows.  It was here St Mary Mazzarello breathed her last before uniting with the God she loved.

We were warmly treated to a delicious lunch. Hospitality was exemplary. During lunch we were enjoying seeing the many children at recess.

We then visited the Memorabilia of St. Mary Mazzarello time and were amazed at what we saw.
Soon it was time to say good bye to the Sisters at Nizza and get on the bus. Our next stop was St. Joseph’s house for the elderly. M. Marinella and other Sisters were waiting to welcome us. M. Marinella spoke to us in the Community room and we visited the chapel. We were treated to beautiful refreshments and left very satisfied with our visit.

Group photo with Mother Marinella at Nizza
We finally visited the Sisters Cemetery and saw the graves of our Sisters. We prayed for all those buried there.

Visit to the Cemetary
We made our way to the bus and headed for Mornese after a very full and blessed day.

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