miércoles, 19 de septiembre de 2012

Mother Mazzarello Spiritual Friendship and Educational Intuition

Symbol of Friendship on the Friendship Day
Another grace- filled day unfolded before us. We journeyed onwards exploring and deepening Mother Mazzarello's spiritual friendship and educational intuition.

Our Morning Prayer, the wonderful input given by Sr. Máire O'Byrne, the well prepared Eucharistic celebration by the Shilong province, our wandering rosary through the relevant spots marking St. Mary Mazzarello's opening up to a gift of new life, our evening prayer and recreation... indeed everything converged clearly bringing forth the message of how friendship anchored in God can lead one to deeply appreciate and reverence the uniqueness of every person, such as in the case of Mother Mazzarello and Petronilla. In their difference, they beautifully complemented each other, contributing to each one's growth and maturity not for self-serving purposes, but in view of a common mission, that is, for the good of the young, which God gradually unveiled to Mother Mazzarello.
Grapes in a vineyard at the Valponasca

Venturing deeply into this particular stage of life of Mother Mazzarello, we likewise find resonances in our lives individually and as a community, leading us to look deeply into the quality of our relationships.
Understanding more deeply how spiritual friendship can help us make our communities houses of the love of God and thus authentic bearers of his love to the young and to all that we encounter, we are greatly challenged to truly anchor our lives in God that we may build authentic and life-giving relationships.

by Sr Ludette fma.

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