domingo, 16 de septiembre de 2012

Mass with the Mornese people

Mass in the Parish Church
Morning we had a prepared reflection sheet which we prayed privately in our own time taken from St. Columba and Thomas Merton.

As the Parish bells tolled out over the hills of Mornese reminding the people it was time to gather for Sunday Eucharist. We too filed into the Parish Church remembering it was here St. Mary Mazzarello had attended Sunday Mass with her family.

The altar was beautifully decorated. Fr. Pier Lugi Martini PP welcomed Fr. Anthuvan Tharsis SDB and all of us from different parts of the world. Fr. Anthuvran concelebrated Mass with the P.P. and read the Gospel in English’s. Rosily Theckanath read the second reading in English; A lady led the choir and there was congregational singing. All were in good singing voice. We sang a hymn after Communion. At the end of Mass Fr. Pier thanked Fr. Anthuvan and wished us every blessing and happiness for our stay in Mornese. The people were very welcoming.
Mass in the Collegio Chapel
In the afternoon there was time for Reflection, prayer, reading and sharing. We had Eucharist in English at 5:30pm in the College.
Another fruitful day. 

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