martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012

Ha! Window of Valponasca

The Valponasca window
What did you  do dear Window? 

I stood static and remained heavenward
The little girl of Mornese came to me
‘There’, I showed her the abode of the Lord,
The Lord who abides forever in her heart.
She frequented me in all  the seasons
Thus for her siblings, she herself a window.

Then, what did you do dear window?

The young and the old often approached
Their childish ways  were not reproached
I was open and happily  welcoming
The family folk kept coming

Then what did  you do dear window?

I watch Mary growing in wisdom
A  hard worker and a friend of all
Charity reigns supreme in her
A dream began to shape her. 

by Sr.  Anne Augustine  INK- Bangalore, India.

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