martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012

Arrive at Mornese!

A model of the original Pinardi house
Time flies – today is the last day in Valdocco, Turin! While we were excited to go toMornese, we felt a bit sadden to leave Turin, where every street and corner bore the mark of DonBosco, and where an exceptionally loving community of Salesian Sisters had accommodated us for a week! 

Mornese from the bus window
We had our last Eucharist in the sanctuary of Mary Help of Christians Basilica. We felt close to each other, to our Salesian roots, to Mary, and to the Lord, in this enclosed and intimate space that we had grown to become familiar with and hold dear in our hearts. Coincidentally or not, Fr Anthuwan in his homily today spoke about a Jesus who did not cling on to satisfying religious feelings or enlightening insights. He advised that a good prayer was not judged by good feelings, but by the fruits of self-control, patience, joy, peace and love.

The Collegio
By 2:30pm, the bus arrived. It took us a bit of time to load everything because the bus was rather small, but we finally managed. The Sisters at Turin waited patiently at the gate until everything was loaded and we were all on board. Everyone blew kisses or waved good-bye as the bus was rolling out onto the street and we all sang the words: "Maria Auxilium Christianorum".. We all had mixed feelings... Goodbye Valdocco!!

The Fair at Mornese
As we were nearing Mornese, everyone got excited, especially, you know who, our dear Sr Edna Mary, well-known world-wide for her passion for Maria Mazzarello! (And I must say that I learn so much from her vast knowledge, and also from Sr Maire and Sr Rani, other Animators in our group!) Somebody started the Mornese song and everyone joined in. The spirit was high and the joy filled in our hearts. Here we were, coming to Mornese with its magnificent view, rolling hills and undulating roads! As the driver cleverly made the last (and very sharp) turn up the hill and into the gate of theCollegio, a round of applause broke up amid laughter and shouts of joy. MORNESE, finally we were here!!!

Our Sisters from the Collegio ran out to meet us and helped us unload our luggage. Everyone was filled with joy! After all had been settled in their rooms, we gathered around the well – yes, this is THE well! – to share the first profoundly meaningful prayer moment at Mornese, which would be historical for many of us!

The beautiful stainglass window in the Chapel at Mornese
that depicts the vision of Maria Mazzarello about the Collegio
Again, we were a lucky group, as after prayer, Sr Edna Mary announced that there happened to be a Fair today in Mornese to raise funds for the missions, so we could go to it and observe life in the village! The fair was only 2 minutes walk from the Collegio, and was like a little open market. Later we were told, and found true, that that was the only occasion that we would see so many villagers. On a normal day, people went to work somewhere, and we hardly saw people around. We all enjoyed a taste of the village life. I could nearly picture Maria Mazzarello as a young girl walking up and down the village lanes, enjoying “window shopping” so to speak, buying one or two items, or chatting to other villagers... Yes, it was these very lanes that Maria Mazzarello would have walked many a times!

by Sr Thuy-Linh Nguyen SPR

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