domingo, 23 de septiembre de 2012

Feast of Gratitude

Sisters, Claudio and his wife

Today Sunday we joined with the parishioners in celebrating mass in the parish church at 11.30 am.
What a surprise to find Claudio and his wife waiting for us after mass. They wanted to thank the sisters for their assistance on Friday. Before leaving they had a photograph with them. Incidentally, it was the same Claudio who made the beautiful Nativity Scene in the crypt of the Parish Church.

Returning from mass we were joined by the community for dinner. The afternoon was spent rehearsing for our multicultural evening.

Fr Anthuvan celebrated mass for us in the house at 5.30pm and afterwards the community once again joined us for our evening meal.

The opening dance to thank the Mornese Community
Later we assembled in the hall to express our thanks to the community for all the kindness, generosity, goodness and sisterly love they showed to us during our stay here at the Collegio. The variety show which followed gave a flavour of the many cultures and talents of those who formed our group. There were dances, a sketch and songs all expressing our thanks to the wonderful community who made us feel so much at home from the moment we arrived.

We presented the community with some gifts provided by the different provinces taking part in the project.
The community then expressed their thanks to us in word and song and our night together ended with our joint singing of “O Qual Sorte”. In this way a truly Salesian evening came to an end. 

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