viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2012

Becchi - the Birthplace of Don Bosco

The humble barn-turned-into-home of the Bosco family at Becchi
The first day in Turin, the birthplace of the Salesian charism!! After breakfast, we were given an orientation session after morning prayer. This is the practice every day we stayed in Turin. It was an excellent way to start our day, putting us in the historical and geographical context of our Salesian origin. From Becchi to Chieri and Valdocco, we were able to trace the footsteps of Don Bosco from his childhood to adulthood and priesthood, and the start of his Salesian dream...

The beautiful Basilica at Becchi
Today was dedicated to Becchi, the birthplace of Don Bosco. It was an extremely inspiring and touching experience. I was immediately moved to tears when hit with the reality of how humbly it all started – in a small barn-turned-into-home in Becchi – to how grand it has become – with beautiful churches, well-equipped schools and workshops, and hundreds of thousands of Salesian Priests, Brothers, Sisters, Cooperators,  Students..., spread everywhere in the world! It is obvious that all this dream could come true only through Divine Providence, together with a great vision, human hard work, and rock-solid conviction and perseverance.

In the homily, Fr Anthuvan reminded us of how Mamma Margherita’s way of living and praying had affected little John in his trust in Divine Providence, and in using short but effective prayers that led to relevant and immediate action.

Dominic Savio's house at Mulrialdo
We also visited two houses where Dominic Savio lived and died in Mondiano and Mulrialdo. It is very inspiring to see how such a short life can touch so many other lives! In his houses, shrine, around his pictures, altars, and anywhere he is venerated, people bring in pink and blue ribbons, to thank him for his help given to mothers and babies. 

by Sr Thuy-Linh Nguyen SPR

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