miércoles, 26 de septiembre de 2012

Desert Day (Rekindle the fire of Love)

For our Morning Reflection, we were asked to "Be still and acknowledge the movements of the Spirit within. Sit with Jesus - Listen and discern act...”

Re-enkindle the fire
Sr. Edna Mary spoke on the "Eye of our Mind and Soul and its importance in our life. We each received a red paper flame, which we wrote our name and placed by the fire built up with twigs and sticks from the Valponasca and stones from the Roverno.

The day was passed in silence and recollection. Some sisters stayed at the Collegio, while others went to Mazzarelli and two went to the Valponasca. At 5.15pm we gathered for our Evaluation on our time spent at "Mornese". The SUA Province gave their Presentation on Vocations and on statistics of houses and number of sisters and presented their work in the university residence in Illinois. This was followed by Holy Mass at 6.30pm prepared by Philippine Sisters." Fr. Anthuvan spoke of how the Spirit of Mornese needs our whole self both heart and soul. This was followed by our evening meal at 7.30pm.
by Sr. Esther Murphy GBR

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