lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2012


On the way to the Valponasca

Our day began with a very reflective prayer entitled: “Finding the treasure within”. It was in this spirit that we set out to spend the day at the Valponasca.

It was here at the Valponasca that Maria’s formation as an adolescent and young woman took place, as Sr. Máire explained in her presentation. “The time she lived here was spent in prayer and work. This was perhaps the richest period of her life, the basis on which she built a strong personality, open to God and others” (On Life’s Pathways with Main).

Mass at the Valponasca
Mass was celebrated by Fr. Anthuvan SDB our chaplain. Afterwards we enjoyed a beautiful lunch, or should I say a feast, which was prepared lovingly by Sr. Ines, the cook and delivered by Sr. Rosanna to the Valponasca. We ate heartily, enjoying every morsel.

After lunch and time for photos we entered into a time of prayer and reflection pondering on:
  • ·         How the location /setting of the Valponasca spoke to us.
  • ·         Some aspects of Main’s life as lived at the Valponasca.
  • ·         What we would like to take away with us from this place as an inspiration for our life and our community.

We were invited to express this in symbolic form later.

Group photo under the Valponasca window
We reassembled at 4pm. to pray together and share on how this special place with its prayer window, sloping hills covered in vineyards, its silence and peace, spoke to our hearts and our lives.

It was evident from the sharing within the group, that Maria’s life had deeply touched us and called us to live our Salesian vocation with renewed determination and love.

Some of us returned home by the well, where Maria had drawn water before setting out for daily mass.
Before supper the sisters from the Philippine province (FIL)  gave a presentation on the wonderful work being carried out there.

Another blessed and grace filled day came to an end.

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