martes, 18 de septiembre de 2012

Windows and Wells

The window at the Valponasca
Our day opened with an up-lifting Morning Prayer and reflection on “Windows and Wells”.
We are called to keep an open mind to the Spirit who calls us to remain connected, allowing the Light of that same Spirit to shine through us, down to the bottom of our ‘well’. We need to allow it to up-root life’s obstacles that can inhibit the air of God’s life getting in and through us. 

Our evening reflection spoke of ‘Discernment’, of Trasna, our crossing place.  We are called to acknowledge the sacredness in our Sisters and to seek out the goodness in each one. We need to keep in mind that the road is there, but I must make the path.
The well at the Valponasca

We ended the day with a most enjoyable recreation and a great laugh with games called Animal Animation and Bomb the City.

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