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The theme for today is Community.

Washing at Roverno
Our day began with reflective prayer entitled: “Building Community Communion”. The morning session was facilitated by Sr. Máire O’Byrne which was extremely informative, encouraging and uplifting. It focused on Community in the light of the Constitutions.
Today in the world the biggest problem is the break down in community. At present, in many areas, our communities are smaller in number, older and maybe not in as much direct contact with the young.

Article 36 of the Constitutions reminds us that the Blessed Trinity is the foundation of our Community.  Our first ministry is who we are. Giving witness by our way of life and how we live with each other.

Sr. Máire reminded us that no community is perfect not even the first community in Mornese. In the first community of Mornese some of the sisters were older than Sr. Mary Mazzarello, some were friends, some pupils and lay teachers. Petronilla was a friend and supporter of Mary Mazzarello. Felicina was her blood sister and soul friend. She was also the first novice mistress and opened many new houses. Assunta was contemplative though illiterate. Enrichetta was known as Mother Assistant and was vicar general for several years.

Community moments are very important to build any community like Liturgical feasts, celebrated with joy and happiness. “Where there is true charity the heart asks nothing more”
Mount Tobico
According to our constitutions (50), these three aspects are fundamental for community living: Respect, Esteem, and Understanding for each other.

During the Mass we prayed for all our communities remembering each sister and her ministry.
At two o’clock most of the group set off in glorious sunshine for the Roverno River. This was where Sr. Mary Mazzarello, the Sisters and the girls along with the villagers went to do the big wash in the river. This was also a social event for all, where they worked, prayed, cooked polenta and had fun while the clothes dried on the bushes.

Here too we had a threefold ritual to celebrate community.
v  We washed each other’s hands for the hurts we caused others in community.
v  We dropped a symbol in the river as a sign of letting go of the hurts we received in community.
v  We shared a snack with those present to build community.

We united in spirit with the group who could not walk to Roverno and were gathered at the Well in the Collegio and with our provinces.

While returning home from the Roverno a local man drove past on a tractor. As the last group walked along they found that the  tractor was now in the ditch and the man collapsed on the driver’s seat. Sr. Edna Mary went to the nearest house to look for help.  The man there informed the family and phoned for an ambulance. In the meantime the Sisters tried to assist the man by raising his head and placing him in a comfortable position. At this point he was unconscious.
After about twenty minutes his wife arrived with a medical kit. She asked if any Sister could give him an injection while she gave him some insulin. Sr. Mary Alexander gave him the injection and he regained a little consciousness. Soon the ambulance arrived and more family members and he was taken to hospital with what turned out to be a very severe allergic reaction to a bee sting.

The well at the Collegio
The wife and family of Claudio were very grateful for the assistance of the Sisters, which saved his life. We consider this as an intervention of our dear Mother Mary Mazzarello and we implore her to restore Claudio to full health if it be God’s will.

At seven o’clock we gathered for a presentation by Sr. Rena from the Canadian province. Sister told us there are 28 Sisters in her province, all of whom multitask.Sr. Rena told us all about a new house they opened eleven months ago in Cornwall, Ontario.
This was another very prayerful and meaningful day for all of us on Project Mornese.

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